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What is this page all about?

This page is intended to provide a variety of resources for users of the various commercial and freely-available bsd operating systems. It is in the midst of being revamped, and will probably be in such a state for quite a while yet. Please bear with us.

For starters, here is where you get information on the major BSD flavors:

We're compiling a list of good books about UNIX, BSD, and good programming style.

Choose from one of our many fabulous help pages..

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tfm associates do not endorse or condone any information herein. Any information contained here has no warranty or guarantee to work, but is given in good faith. (So if you accidentally delete any data or rupture a spleen while using the information in this webpage we're not responsible and you're on your own.)

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*UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group.
**BSD is a registered trademark of UUnet Technologies, Inc.

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